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Erica Rasha

Thank you for stopping by my space here on the inter-webs, my name is Erica Rasha, and it is nice to meet you. You can think of me as the Small Creator Advocate. I have spent the last eight years learning all things social media. I graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Managerial Science and a BBA in Hospitality Administration. I also have my Masters in Globalized Hospitality Management; during this time, I focused my studies on how brands could utilize influencer marketing to generate profit.

However, in 2020 everything took a shift. I decided to take a step back from learning social media from the brands’ perspective and shifted my focus towards the creator. My research found a specific group of content creators who always seemed to get the short end of the stick across multiple platforms. The group was micro and nano content creators and influencers.


So this ice cream obsessed, analytic junkie decided that I wanted to do something about this. Now I work with small content creators looking to turn their ideas into income and understand their value and find their place on social media. I teach micro and nano content creators how to create cultivating communities, find their niche, and use their online presence to generate income.

This is so important to me; my mission is to help amplify the voices of as many small creators as I can. I understand the feeling of thinking your content is being overlooked and that you will never grow. I have been there before just creating content, but for what? Working with me enables you to understand how to monetize your passion, plus you gain a supporter. We all need someone who understands what we are trying to do and cheers us on, so let me join #TeamYou!