Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to or somebody to bounce ideas off of. During your one-on-one with me, you’re able to pick my brain and ask me your social media and business questions.

Are you interested in developing a new Instagram strategy, have questions about your content, or do you want to discuss building a community and income online? Or maybe you just want to have some good brainstorming; this is perfect for you. This is your time to get off anything on your chest and ask any of your burning questions..


Step 1

You have questions about your social media or ideas but don’t know where to start. You are interested in making a change in your online presence.

Step 2

You need help, and we need to chat! So you should pick which service is best for you, and we will have a video call to talk about your social media needs.

Step 3

We’ll identify your problems during the call and create goals for you to achieve, helping you stop feeling overwhelmed and start showing up.

“Working with Erica was like having a coach and a BFF cheering you on. She always kept it real and only told me things I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. She often lit off light bulbs in my head and made me feel capable of greatness.”

-Tatiana M.

“Erica definitely helped me realize a lot about myself and my passions. She’s excellent at getting to the root of your challenges and offering solutions. I would recommend Erica’s services to any friends of mine.”

-Chivon J.

“Erica was very professional, and her contributions to my social media makeover were major and helped significantly.”

-Norma D.

“Erica is a brainstormer. She thought outside the box and figured out all the questions I asked. Also, she challenged me to think. The experience was a 10/10. She followed back up with me 2-3 times!”

-Benjamin Y.